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This is a repetition course for those who have previously completed a teacher-led training in Electrical Safety Instructions.


This course is suitable for you who have previously passed the training required to become a Skilled Person as defined by Swedish Electrical safety instructions and who now needs to complete the required a repetition training - a repetition training every three (3) years is prescribed for Skilled Persons.


You are required to have a relevant undergraduate education and an earlier completed teacher-led ESA-Skilled course

This course is developed by Teknikutbildarna and is based on the standard designation SS-EN 50110-1 and the Electrical Safety Instructions.

Teknikutbildarna is a privately held, independent company. We have provided training for 20 years. We train 20 % of Sweden’s new electricians every year. Teknikutbildarna develop web courses in electricity, technology and safety. This course suitable for anyone who have previously completed a teacher-led ESA course.

According to the Swedish work Environment Act and the Swedish Electricity Safety Authority’s (Elsäkerhetsverket) regulations. Anyone who works where there is an electrical risk must have education and the knowledge of what kind of consequences there is in such environment, and to take the safety measures that are justified for the task. The Electrical safety instructions regulate, among other things, the cooperation between network owners and contractors and contributes to create a common standard.

The Electrical safety instructions are based on the Electricity Safety Authority’s (Elsäkerhetsverket) regulation ELSÄK-FS 2006: 1. They are adapted to the changes that were made in the third edition of the standard designation SS-EN 50110-1, Operation of electrical installations (Skötsel av elektriska anläggningar). Skilled repetition web is a standalone electrical safety training that is based on the content of the Electrical safety instructions. The course is included with a final examination.

Note: Make sure that you have the right course suitable for your needs and demands in beforehand, it might be required for you to have a complete teacher-led ESA Skilled training.

Course type



2-4 hours

Course content

  • Electrical danger
  • Organization
  • Risk management
  • Work activities
  • Work tasks
  • Working methods
  • Safety culture


After completed the course, you will be able to work safely in a work environment including electrical danger and you will also have an overall understanding how work activities should be organized in order to prevent accidents and disruptions in your daily work operations.


The course is conducted online via our learning portal.

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