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A common issue is that remediating measures actually only address the symptoms of the problem instead of the causes. The result is often that the problem will reoccur again and again. The remediation costs for such quick fixes will become high with time.


This course is designed for employees working in operations and maintenance organisations of a manufacturing industry. It also addresses energy companies, real estate management, and where there is a need of improving reliability and availability of facilities and plant equipment.


This course does not require any specific prior knowledge or prior course.

Root Cause Analysis is a method which can be used for both simple as well as difficult and complex problems and situations, and it can be applied at several levels of an organisation.

In this RCA course you will learn how to focus on the causes of identified problems. The course includes sections on fault theory, mapping a sequence of events, key factors, symptom identification, the PDCA method (Plan-DO-Check-Act), fault tree diagrams, the FMEA method (Faliure Mode and Effect Analysis), and the RCM method (Reliability Centered Maintenance).

Course type



4-8 hours

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Mapping a sequence of events and identification of key factors
  • How to identify symptoms and root causes
  • Data; collection, structures and analyses
  • Selection of cost effective solutions and how to implement solutions
  • Tools for systematic fault and problem solving
  • The PDCA method (Plan-DO-Check-Act)
  • The so called Five Whys method
  • Fault tree diagram
  • The FMEA method (Faliure Mode and Effect Analysis)
  • The RCM method (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
  • Seven quality management tools (7QCT)
  • Investigation methods


This course provides you with tools and methods for troubleshooting and will implement remediating measures, putting that in place you will truly address the cause of problem within your organisation.


This course is digitally adapted for personal computers, tablets and smart phones.

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