This collection of e-learning courses contains five separate courses designed to provide you with better tools in management. This training originates from AFRY. This a great resource to learn more about different types of management. Additional instructions and tools may be applicable for your area.


This course is recommended to all members of the project team - both employees and project managers.


General knowledge of project management.

Change Management
Changes often happen in projects and this is not necessarily negative. When carried out professionally, change management is an efficient, practical tool to ensure the project stays on track from start to finish.

Change management is an essential, integrated part of project work and a specific responsibility of the project manager. This course provides understanding on basics of change management process during the project execution.

Claims Management
Many projects involve numerous partners, stakeholders and subcontractors so it is possible that misunderstandings and errors happen at times. This course focuses on providing understanding on how to handle claims you may recieve from clients. After this course you will understand the purpose of a Professional indemnity insurance and a General liability insurance

Contract Management
When customers are demanding tougher contractual terms it is important to know how contracts are formed and which the boundary conditions are. The contract, whose details must be known by the whole project team is not only a guide for the project but also a way to ensure that you meet your financial targets. This e-learning aim to give you the undeerstanding why it is important not only to read the contract but understand it.

  • Contracts: Basic principles of contract law
  • Contracts: Proposals and offers
  • Contract Negotiations and agreement
  • Contract management

Risk Management
This e-learning comprises four independent process- and tools related learning modules which include guidance on how project risks are being dealt with. This first module focuses on the methodology of professional risk management. This is supplemented by two modules with AFRY’s real-life experiences from our world of engineering and project implementation (sample cases). The last module is an introduction to the Risk Management tool, the PRA (Project Risk Assessment) tool.

Keys to sales success
The reason behind creating this course is to help you do selling in a structured way. During this training you will see experienced AFRY Sales Managers and Sales Directors from alla around the world share their ideas and good practices.

Course type



1 day

Course content

  • Change Management
  • Claims Management
  • Contract Management
  • Risk Management
  • Key to sales success


The target of these Project Management e-learning modules is to go through a Project Lifecycle and the overall project management procedures related to it which include guidance on how project risks are being dealt with. The course aim to deepen your understanding on management processes and project risks during project execution and how to notify, document and communicate changes. It also gives you tools of how to handle claims and disputes as well as guidance to sales success.


You gain access to this course in our portal TU-Academy.

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