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Our e-learning module Instructed person has been developed to fit those who need to do non-electrical work in an electrical installation or who need to do work in the vicinity of live parts.


This course is intended for everyone who will perform non-electrical work in, or in the vicinity of, an electrical installation with or without electrical hazards. That is, everyone who in their work need to have the necessary knowledge and awareness of the electrical danger and the risks involved.


No prerequisits required

This course is developed by Teknikutbildarna and is based on the standard designation SS-EN 50110-1 and the Electrical Safety Instructions.

Teknikutbildarna is a privately held, independent company. We have provided training for 20 years. We train 20 % of Sweden’s new electricians every year. Teknikutbildarna develop web courses in electricity, technology and safety. This course suitable for anyone who have previously completed a teacher-led ESA course.

The course Instructed Person describe the concept of Instructed Person and the related electrical safety instructions in Sweden. The course replaces the previous course Access, and will cover the following areas listed below.

The objective is to ensure electrical safety and the use of good practice electrical work procedures. The electrical safety provisions also provide for a common language use and thereby help to prevent fatal mistakes.

The course targets are to give the required knowledge to be able to work according to the electrical safety provisions, to provide an understanding of the working methods and be able to apply them correctly and in accordance with the provision ELSÄK-FS 2006:1. The overall target is to prevent accidents.

Note: Make sure that you have the right course suitable for your needs and demands in beforehand, it might be required of you to complete a teacher-led ESA Instructed person training.

Course type



3-4 hours

Course content

  • The electrical danger
  • Review of the organisation and the electrical safety provisions functions
  • Review of the Approved Access form
  • Risk management


After completing the course you will be able to work safely in a work environment in the presence of electrical danger and you will understand how the work shall be organised to prevent accidents and disruptions to operations.


This course is digitally adapted for personal computers, tablets and smart phones.

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