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Construction Work Environment Coordinator BAS-P/BAS-U

According to the Swedish Work Enviroment Authority a developer is always responsible to appoint a Construction Work Environment Coordinator to plan the building and facility construction work (BAS-P) as well as carrying out the work (BAS-U).

Course dates:

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Course length: 1 day

ESA-14 Skilled

According to the Swedish Work Environment Act and the regulations from the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board, all who work where there is danger from electricity must have training and knowledge of the consequences thereof

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Course length: 1 day

Operation of Electrical Installations, e-learning

Our course Operation of Electrical Installations briefly takes you through the standard SS-EN 50110-1 and the associated provisions. One significant technical change is the addition of the function; the person responsible for an electrical installation, ”elanläggningsansvarig”. Two other functions have changed names.

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Course length: 4 hours

Root cause analysis, e-learning

This course provides you with tools and methods for troubleshooting and will implement remediating measures, putting that in place you will truly address the cause of problem within your organisation.

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Course length: 4-8 hours

Setting up scaffolding up to 9 meters height

Within the European Union about 500 000 persons fall from scaffolding every year. 40 000 of these are seriously hurt, seriously enough to need to be home from work for several days. Tragically about 1000 die every year.

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Course length: 1 day

Work Environment for Managers
– Web based

As an employer you have a great responsibility regarding work environment issues. The responsibilities includes the prevention of accidents as well as health related problems and the overall well being for everyone at the work place.

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Course length: 8 hours