Web based courses

Teknikutbildarna can offer a broad selection of web based courses, for example within the areas of electrical safety, maintenance, and work environment.

Taking a web based course is easy with us and you decide how you do it. You can study when and where it fits you best. You can stop at any time and continue later from where you stopped. Since the course is made available via our portal you can study independent of the device used, you can even start a course on a computer and later finish it on your smart phone. After you have passed the final test of the course you can print out your own course certificate.

Should your organisation be interested in more courses that we offer please do not hesitate to contact us! We can develop a specific course portal for you within our course portal tailored to your needs.

Instructed person, e-learning

Our e-learning module Instructed person has been developed to fit those who need to do non-electrical work in an electrical installation or who need to do work in the vicinity of live parts.

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Course length: 3-4 hours

Operation of Electrical Installations, e-learning

Our course Operation of Electrical Installations briefly takes you through the standard SS-EN 50110-1 and the associated provisions. One significant technical change is the addition of the function; the person responsible for an electrical installation, ”elanläggningsansvarig”. Two other functions have changed names.

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Course length: 2-3 hours

Root cause analysis, e-learning

This course provides you with tools and methods for troubleshooting and will implement remediating measures, putting that in place you will truly address the cause of problem within your organisation.

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Course length: 4-8 hours

Skilled repetition, e-learning

This is a repetition course for those who have previously completed a teacher-led training in Electrical Safety Instructions. This web-course is suitable for anyone who is at the end of a certificate’s validity period.

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Course length: 2-4 hours

Waterways, e-learning

Our e-learning module Waterways (web course) covers the safety provisions of the hydropower industry and has been developed to fit instructed persons who need to do work in the vicinity of waterways in hydropower stations and water reservoirs, and who need to do work on or in the vicinity of moveable and rotating installation parts.

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Course length: 4 hours

Work Environment for Managers
– e-learning

As an employer you have a great responsibility regarding work environment issues. The responsibilities includes the prevention of accidents as well as health related problems and the overall well being for everyone at the work place.

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Course length: 8 hours