Terms & Conditions


An order can be made via telephone, our home page, or by email. When participants book a particular course and that course is already fully booked, he/she will be notified immediately and if so desired he/she will be booked on the next scheduled course.


A confirmation is sent immediately after a booking has been made. Subsequently a course participant will receive further information about the course, and when applicable log in details. All contacts with the course participant will take place using the email address given as part of the booking process.


The price will be according to a valid campaign, a legal agreement, an offer by us, or our course catalogue. All prices are given exclusive of Swedish VAT unless defined otherwise at source. Prices may be adjusted from time to time at the full discretion of Teknikutbildarna AB.

Payment Conditions

The price for open courses and courses at company premises as well as any additional costs in connection with a course will be billed one (1) month before the course start date, unless other billing terms have been agreed. All web courses are billed at the time of the order confirmation. Expenses for teachers (travel, accommodation, meals etc.) will be charged separately at actual cost.
Payment term is within thirty (30) calendar days. In the case of delayed payment a late payment interest will be charged at two (2) % per calendar month (in accordance with Swedish law).


A confirmed order is binding. Cancellations received within two (2) weeks before the scheduled course start date will be billed in full. Cancellations received between two (2) and four (4) weeks before the scheduled course start date will be billed at fifty (50) % of the full price.
A booked participant may transfer his/her place to a colleague in case of eg illness. Any no show of any participant will be treated as a cancellation.

Course Cancellation

We have the right to cancel or reshedule any course up to two (2) weeks before the originally scheduled course start date. Valid reasons for us to cancel a course are too few booked course participants and an unforeseen illness of the teacher and lack of a suitable replacement teacher. When a course is cancelled by us rescheduling to a later date is free of charge. Alternatively the bill is made void, and any billed and paid amount will be reimbursed. Our liability is limited to the aforesaid, no other claims for reimbursement will be accepted.

Course Certificate

After a participant has successfully completed a course a course certificate can be issued. There may be a final test included in the course in order to verify that the participant has gained the required knowledge and in these cases passing of the test will be stated on the course certified.

Satisfied Customer Guarantee

Should a participant be dissatisfied with the content of a course we would very much like to be notified without delay. When warranted, we are prepared to suitably compensate the participant.

Product Development

We work continuously to improve and further develop the courses that we offer in order to fully meet our customers’ needs. This also means that a specific course content may somewhat differ from a course description.

Handling of Personal Information

The personal information of all course participants is stored in an electronic register and is used for the administration of individual course results and to be able to send out course certificates and newsletters.
The personal information we store is; full name, title, address, email address, phone number, and in certain cases an identification number (In Sweden the national identification number ¨personnummer¨). We will not give any personal information to any third party.

Force Majeure

We take no responsibility nor have any liability in cases when a course cannot be executed through direct or indirect acts of any national, regional, or local authority, strike, blockade, lock out, severe weather, war, or anything else outside our own Control.