Tailored Training

Tailored training can mean several things. It may mean a tailored course material or a specifically adapted course to help resolve operational issues or to establish a new work activity procedure.

At Teknikutbildarna we have a passion for knowledge. We develop and tailor training programmes to meet your needs. One objective is to create lasting added value. We always consider your current circumstances and design a training programme that fits your organisation. In the following text we describe some of the tailored training programmes and courses we have completed together with some of our customers.


An energy company desired to increase the understanding internally about their work activities and professional roles, of both employees, hired workforce, and contractors used.
It was decided to measure the current knowledge level through a knowledge test. A work group consisting of company representatives and contractors met up with Teknikutbildarna to create the test questions. A total of 400 questions were defined and these were evaluated on quality in several steps.
Fifteen groups participated in the knowledge test and the results were presented per group and as a grand total. Out of this suitable areas for training were identified. Three one-day courses were developed, and for each day of training a tailored web based course was produced and delivered. After the e-learning had been executed some twenty check questions were selected to which instructive texts were added to each answer alternative. These 20 questions were then used one month later as a quick repetition of the most important training messages . Students had to take the repetition test until they had answered all questions correctly. For every wrong answer they were shown the added instructive text to help them get it right in the following round.
The training cycle with web based courses, knowledge test, and repetition test has since then been repeated every two years. The results have improved significantly with every new training cycle completed.


Teknikutbildarna have more than once tailored courses for different organisations. A few examples are the courses Instructed Person for change of Motors and ESA in practice (ESA are Swedish electrical safety instructions).

företagsanpassade utbildningar
For organisations with productions plants using a shift system or an other work roster it is profitable to engage electricians on duty. When a motor fails the approved skills of an electrician are required for breaking power to the motor and for switching power back on again later. The electrician must make sure that the motor in disconnected from any power supply before mechanics can start their repair work, for work safety reasons.
One solution is to have access to an Instructed Person for Motors. During a full day technicians and mechanics are trained in those electrical matters that are needed for them to have the knowledge to work safely also where there is electrical danger. In this case we picked some of our courses; Working Methods and a section on checks before reconnection and motor control from our certified electrician school.

By training mechanics and technicians as described, organisations can achieve lower costs for on duty resources, and since people already present on site can take care of more operational problems less time will be lost before production is back on track.

A tailored course of a similar type trains operators to have the skill to reset electrical breakers on motors. Breakers for power supply are often located in control rooms or switch houses to which only skilled persons and instructed persons on electrical work have access. Operators generally do not have access to electrical control rooms or switch houses.
Teknikutbildarna do train production operators to become aware and instructed on electrical dangers in control rooms. We also train operators on how electrical breakers are reset. This way the Swedish regulation concerning Instructed Persons for electrical work is met and operations are simplified.
Another example of a tailored course is ESA in practice (ESA are Swedish electrical safety instructions). This course can be tailored to each customer’s needs and complements the course called ESA 14. The latter describes the organisational structure and any deviations from ESA elected by the organisation for their local work procedures.
ESA in Practice is primarily intended for power network companies or industries needing to train people on local work procedures for electrical installations. Every time we deliver a course on ESA in Practice it is tailored for that specific target group.

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