How we tailor your e-learning

With us the strongest key word is Optimisation. If a web based course is to be effective at an optimised cost its content, as to both width and depth, must be balanced, its target group correctly defined, and it must have been developed using modern tools and current knowledge.

In order for us to deliver the best products possible to our customers and to meet their needs we start by analysing how we can optimise delivery. In a workshop we co-create a training framework as to content, , educational methods, comprehensiveness, and other relevant parameters.

Our approach
We approach each delivery with the full use of our technical experience and experience with training systems that work.

Start Up – At start up the main factors for the training project are defined, such as time plan, budget, goals, internal and external resources. We map out the expectations and needs of the target group, learn about the customer values and their graphic design profile.

Storyboard and Script – We develop a n overview of the training project and define the main parts of the course structure. From the customer given draft script we develop a “course pilot” – a small section of the course is presented in draft form. The course pilot is used by us to together with the customer to define and agree on total content, functions, and the look and feel of the course.

Production and Tests – We select the course tools and produce text, illustrations, animations, films, and the knowledge test for the course.

Testing and Delivery – The finished course is packaged and delivered to the selected LMS system for a final test. We test that the course functions as intended on various media and that all parts work satisfactorily on the platform.

Follow Up – Throughout the training project we think beyond the e-learning project at hand. What happens next? How is the change managed? We follow up the outcome in several ways, such as spontaneous reactions, learning level, behaviours, and course results. We have developed an independent test engine to be able to follow how the learning level develops over time, for more information see under Validation.

Our areas
We have produced a large number of web based courses over the last 15 years, for our course portal , together with various types of industry, and tailored for an organisation.
We specifically have experience in the following areas :

  • Certification schooling for several professions.
  • Preparatory knowledge tests ahead of certification validations.
  • Technical measurement techniques.
  • Energy and Maintenance
  • Work Environment and Safety

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