We offer e-learning in all subject areas we cover. With the help of illustrations, animations, sound, film, and other technical aids we present even complex processes in an easily understandable manner in a web based course.

We digitalise traditional course materials and training programmes in order to be able to offer them in both our schooling system and in our course portal. Teknikutbildarna also offer tailored e-learning. We can develop unique courses to meet the needs of specific target groups or to tailor one course and combine it with other selected courses in a specified training programme.
Tailored e-learning, rather a digital training solution, goes beyond the traditional to better deliver a tailored message in tone and shape which will be better recognised by the target group. A student should experience the training as appealing and valuable, and therefore your training programme will be developed to fit how communication is done in your organisation as to style, shape , and tone. Courses can be adjusted to various levels and sections in the organisation.
With tailored courses you will get the following advantages:
You use a coherent message.
You save time needed to keep the material current.
You save money needed for training.
You can easily distribute e-learning throughout the organisation.
You get one place to access all training material.
You will have easy access to all test results.

What is successful e-learning?
Good e-learning is educational, appealing to the eye, interesting, and both fun and challenging. Most importantly, e-learning results in new useful knowledge to the students and the students may absorb the new knowledge in the intended manner. E-learning is also a forceful tool to achieve Best Practice results – that is , new employees can get productive quickly and feel welcome. At the same time training costs are optimised and in the longer term the organisational bottom line is improved.

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