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At Teknikutbildarna we are not satisfied with offering training programmes and courses. We aspire to be your training partner of first choice. Together we can develop, improve, and complement your existing knowledge. We want to show you how you can use us to your advantage - let us show you that we will deliver.

Teknikutbildarna can provide training at your premises and training programmes in electrical safety, maintenance, production, and the work environment. In our course catalogue you will find both classroom training courses and web based courses. We have many years experience with technical training and education and we continuously tailor our courses to fit individual and organisational requirements.

Effective education – mix and match

Teknikutbildarna offer a varied course library of more than one hundred courses. We have put a lot of energy into developing our courses together with subject matter specialists.
The educational method we use is all about achieving smart, flexible , and time efficient training programmes – a web based course can include also some classroom training. A supporting web based course section will prepare a student for the classroom training section for a better end result. Our virtual classrooms are open 24/7. The course material is also available 24/7 – as long as the student is logged in.

Select your training mode, choose one or combine several types:

  • Classroom training
  • Web based courses
  • Tailored training

Course portals

We have developed an integrated system for our courses. The system makes course administration easy, it tracks students, courses, and results. Even the result history is recorded which simplifies and ensures that each student only needs to continue learning to gain new knowledge. In practice this means an individual , effective training solution for all; smart, time efficient and flexible.

Consulting Services

Our experienced consultants have worked many years in their specialist areas. This combined with our approach to effective learning means high quality courses and training. We offer support and assistance so that you can develop a good training platform for your organisation. Using our technical tools means that each individual can achieve the best possible result.
Training becomes more effective using digital tools and the student will take more personal responsibility for their own training. Follow up and course results are under one and the same roof. We offer workshops to ensure smart and effective training. We have a passion for knowledge and smart solutions – always on your terms.

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