Privacy Policy

Data Archive; Data about our students are archived in an electronic register, data base, and are used to safeguard deliveries concerning training invitations, result follow up, issue of certificates and result reports, and information about new offerings in relevant subject areas.

The data archived are; full name, title, organisation name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and personal identification number (only when that is required for the issuing of certificates and result reports).
We warrant that the data kept by us is not supplied to any third party without you prior consent. An individual can always request their data to be deleted from our register after we no longer have any delivery to make to that individual.

Please also read our GDPR policy.

Teknikutbildarna GDPR policy

On 13 February 2018 Teknikutbildarna i Norden AB adopted the following GDPR policy.


We safeguard your personal integrity. You can trust us to use your data appropriately. Our policy should meet the requirements of the EU GDPR and it clarifies how we work to assert your rights and integrity.
The purpose of the policy is to describe how we handle your data, what we use the data for, and under what premises we use your data. The policy also describes how you can assert your rights.


We keep and use your data mainly to meet our commitments to you as a purchaser and/or student. Our starting point is to only keep data that are necessary for our business purpose and we strive to only keep the least integrity sensitive data. We do need your data to be able to provide good services to you in terms of marketing information, follow up, and communication. We also need your data to comply with Swedish law, issue certificates and result reports, and to execute customer and market evaluations. We also use data to send out reminders when repetition of certain courses is due and to inform you of other relevant training offerings.
You can always opt out from being a recipient of our marketing materials. Simply let us know and we will delete your data from our data base as fast as we can.

Our guiding principles

The data we keep are generally of a non-sensitive nature. We only keep and use the data necessary for the task we require the data for. In general we keep full name, e-mail address, telephone number, and organisation name. We also strive to keep data on the professional area of an individual in order to be able to give relevant information.

In addition, we need to keep data for the following uses:

– Order administration.
We must have access to data on purchasing party and reference for the purposes of invoicing, delivery, follow up, etc. We link each purchaser to an order and we keep those records for seven (7) years in accordance with Swedish accounting law.

– Course completed.
As a student your data is used to record what training you have completed. This way we can issue course certificates, certifications, result reports, etc. Such information is then archived if a completed course must be repeated after a certain time, that is, we can send out reminders when repetition is due, and when additional courses are required or are valuable complements to the course already completed. Your data are thus linked to information on courses completed, the completion dates, and the results when applicable.

– Contact administration.
We do keep a register, a list, with personal contact information for contacts via e-mail and telephone. Brief notes are added on what products and plans were discussed during such contacts.

Summary of data archive content:

  • Full Name
  • Organisation Name
  • Adress
  • E-mail Address
  • Personal Identification Number (when required to issue a certificate or result report)
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Title or Position/Role
  • User Name when the person is a student
  • Courses Available / Completed
  • Results when a report or certificate is to be issued.

Are your data safe with us?

We have developed procedures and ways of working to ensure that your data are handled correctly and safely. The rule is that only persons at Teknikutbildarna who need the data to perform their work shall have access to the data.
Our safety systems are designed with a focus on your integrity and the data handling systems have a high protection level against any undesired entry, data destruction, and any change which could entail a risk to your integrity.

When do we give your data to others?

We will never give your data to any third party without your prior consent, or if it is not necessary for us to meet our contractual obligations or to comply with Swedish law. In cases where a third party may get access to our data systems (for example the party contracted to be responsible for the operation of our servers) we have completed Non-Disclosure Agreements and issued procedures to ensure that your data are handled correctly.

An example of when we do give data on individuals as a consequence of a contract is a report on who has completed what training to the organisation paying for that training.
For students in the adult education schooling system information (study results) may be given to both the purchaser and to CSN, the Swedish National Board of Student Aid.


Teknikutbildarna i Norden AB is the organisation responsible for the data archive. This means that we are responsible for that your data are handled correctly and that your rights are asserted.
Should you have any question about how we handle your data please feel free to contact us. We will correct any error or deficiency as fast as we can.
We want you to know and feel that your data are safe with us, and that data are only used as described in this policy.