Become a Certified Electrician

Every year we train and certify almost 400 electricians. This makes us the largest electrician educator in Sweden. Our training to become an electrician is only available in swedish.

At our school to become an electrician you can choose your location. The main part of the programme can be covered from your home with remote support from us. You only need come to us for some educational sessions, four days at a time. These sessions comprise theory reviews, laboratory work, exercises, and a closing test. This way you can fit your schooling into your other commitments. You can take the programme full time or part time which allows you to keep up with everyday work as well.

Electricians do different kinds of work and various special skills exist. Work is mostly technical but arts and crafts aspects do exist. If you are already an electrician but may need additional training for certain jobs, please contact us to learn more about what training could be right for you!

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