About us

Teknikutbildarna is one of the largest training companies in Sweden. We offer a broad selection of predominantly technical courses. We are about 30 employees, generate a revenue of some 45 SEK annually, and have offices in Sundsvall, Gävle, and Solna (close to Stockholm).

Since our start in 1999 we have continuously expanded as to courses offered and teachers available. Our teachers are experienced, competent, appreciated, and are either own staff or contracted teachers.

In the areas of electrical and automation we offer programmes to become a certified electrician (SE:: Auktoriserad elinstallatör) as well as courses on electrical safety, legal requirements, and working methods. Other course areas we are active in are operations in production, maintenance, energy, work environment, leadership, and more.

We honour the expression “meeting your needs” and by this we mean that we can provide training and education in multiple ways, at various locations, and on many subject matters. This is also why we offer e-learning with web based courses. We spend energy on knowledge mapping and validation – why would you take a course with no new knowledge for you? We can come to you or you come to us. We can develop your course portal for you with both courses by us (tailored to your needs) and courses by others. Our portals can track who has taken what course and when it was taken which means your training reports are easily kept up to date.

Teknikutbildarna won the Swedish start up award Gasellföretag in 2011 and 2012.